Feel refreshed, boost your energy levels and improve your health with
our delicious cold-pressed juices made from all-natural fruits and vegetables.

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Why drink cold-pressed juices?

Cold-Pressed Goodness

Fruits and vegetables that are cold-pressed retain most of their nutrients and vitamins, unlike traditional options where they are lost to heat.

No Added Sugars or Sweeteners

Our delicious juices help keep your heart healthy and your weight low – all without that extra junk you find in other juices.

Get More with Juice Mixes

Get a wide variety of nutrients from our unique blends of fruits and vegetables that are carefully crafted for maximum benefits

Exceptional Reviews


Not only are they filled with Vitamins and Antioxidants, they are also really delicious and less sweet compared to the others I've tried.

Joy @joyzeng88

Cheryl Chou

One thing I love was the variety of different juices that were available and all the healthy ingredients that were included in each of the juice recipes

Cheryl @misscherylchou

First time drinking Antidote and it helped to detox my body and slim down

Daphne Neo

As a Mrs Singapore Global Universe 2020 finalist … I am glad to have Antidote’s 100% cold-pressed juice that cleanses and help me improve my nutrition, lose weight and remove toxins.

Kelly Chow

The combinations are interesting and delicious. I like that they are not too sweet but full of flavour. Makes me feel healthy. 🙂

Michelle Lim


I always include lots of leafy greens and all sort of juices available, but nothing is like the 100% cold-pressed juices from Antidote Juice



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