What Juice Cleansing Can Do For Your Skin

Ways to reuse and recycle our Antidote bottles!

We have seen society becoming more and more proactive in their efforts towards saving the environment. From recycling and reusing, whether it is bringing your own lunchboxes to ordering meals or even to bringing a reusable bag to the supermarket. Here at Antidote, we are no different,
here are a few of our existing sustainability efforts:

To prevent adding on to the waste that is going into our landfills in Singapore, customers can return their clean plastic juice bottles and cooler bags to us with their next delivery at the comfort of their homes. Simply pass them to our delivery guys on your next scheduled delivery. Also, for every bag returned, we will be donating a dollar to a non-profit cause.

Find out more about our sustainability efforts here: https://www.antidote.sg/sustainability/

Get creative with reusing and recycling your Antidote bottles, here are 3 ways we can think of!

1. The bottles can be used to house your little floral and green friends

Photo courtesy by: Sangamithra GV

2. Transform your bottles into a holder for your toothbrushes

 Source: Blogdot.tv


3. Cut the top half of the bottle and instantly, it turns into a storage box for almost anything

Source: Brightside


A small change goes a long way if everyone does their part! Let’s do our part to save our environment today!


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