Weight Loss Cold Pressed Juice Pack


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The Weight Loss Pack is designed to enhance your metabolism. Notable ingredients are the fat-burning Cayenne Pepper, which curbs appetite and increases core body temperature to burn more calories; Grapefruit, a low-GI fruit that reduces blood pressure; and Milk Thistle, an ingredient that protects your liver and enhances detoxification.

Suggested Consumption:

Replace your meals with a bottle of juice or consume it before a small meal. Drinking a bottle of juice before a meal helps you feel fuller, so you can eat a lighter meal.

Pack: 3 x 500ml

The Weight Loss Pack works best as a supplement to your existing diet. If you’re looking for a full juice cleanse, check out our Cleanse Packs here!

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    Spicy Tonic

    Digestive Tonic

    Ingredients: Lemon, Coconut Water, Red Apple, Ginger, Cayenne Pepper, Turmeric, Probiotics


    Earthly Garden

    For Weight Loss

    Ingredients: Pineapple, Orange, Spinach, Parsley, Lettuce, Lucuma, Baobab


    Earth Electrolytes

    For Weight Loss

    Ingredients: Grapefruit, Coconut, Red Apple, Lemon, Milk Thistle, Ginger

    Shelf Life

    You can store the cold-pressed juices for 4 days, nutmylks for 4 days, and nutmylks containing coconut for 2 days in the refrigerator, starting from the date of delivery (day of delivery (evening) = 1st day; e.g. Relaxing Coconut Mylk with a 2 day shelf life must be consumed by the end of the 2nd day). All bottles will be labelled with “Consume by X days”.

    All cold-pressed juices and nutmylks must be kept refrigerated at all times until the time of consumption. If you bring the juices out, please put them in a cooler bag, preferably with an ice pack inside.

    Find out more about how to store or consume Antidote’s cold-pressed juices and nutmylks here.

    Delivery Info

    We provide FREE Islandwide delivery to your doorstep between 6PM to 10PM.

    Please ensure that there is someone at the point of delivery to receive the package. Fresh juices should not be left unattended. Ensure that juices are refrigerated immediately upon receipt.

    8 reviews for Weight Loss Cold Pressed Juice Pack

    1. YEE SIAN

      love the variety of juices, how it tasted really fresh and such a good blend!

    2. Anonymous

    3. Amanda W.

      Skeptical about this too, but really, after drinking one of the bottles on the second day, I skipped dinner and wasn’t hungry.. I was pleasantly surprised!

    4. lydia

      Is it possible just to get the one type (weight loss)? I don’t really like the taste of the green one (skin hydration)

      • Daryl (Antidote)

        Hi Lydia, you are able to change the juices in the pack. Let us know in the ‘Order Notes’ or contact any one of our channels (:

    5. Jessie

      Nicely packed and I requested for fruit compressed juices as I don’t like much vegetables. Came as per my request and they were delicious! Kept me full 🙂 Prompt reply when I updated my address due to typo.

    6. Sera W.

      Love the taste. I would love Drink it weekly to replace one meal but it’s too costly.

    7. Crystal Winslow

    8. Juliana

      I got rid of my bloatedness.

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