Evergreen Yogurt



For Healthy Skin 


Ingredients: Probiotic Green Apple Yogurt , Granola , Strawberries , Kiwi , Rock Melon 


A pure organic green apple probiotic yogurt as a base for fresh colourful combination of  strawberries, kiwis and rock melons. Homemade gluten free granola gives it an extra crunch. Antidote’s Evergreen will help promote skin vitality, giving you a healthy supply of collagen to help skin stay soft and springy while repairing damaged skin cells.

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Probiotic Green Apple Yogurt

✓ Rich in important nutrients
✓ Strengthen immune system
✓ High in protein
✓ Promote weight management
✓ Improves digestion and heart health


✓ Improve skin quality
✓ Benefit Diabetics
✓ Improves eyesight
✓ Great for the heart
✓ Helps prevent cancer


✓ Rich in Vitamin C
✓ Promotes Skin Vitality
✓ Sleep Inducer
✓ Dietary Fiber
✓ Rich in Vitamin A, B6 , B12, E

Rock Melon

✓ Rich in Vitamin C
✓ Fight Cancer
✓ Good for heart
✓ Good for eyes
✓ Benefits Digestion


✓ Promote weight loss
✓ Regulate blood pressure
✓ Reduces cholesterol levels
✓ Regulate blood pressure
✓ Reduces risk of heart disease

Nutrition Information

Nutrition Information

Shipping Details

Shipping Details



• We provide islandwide delivery right to your doorstep at a flat fee of S$20 per delivery.


• Delivery timings are between 6pm – 10 pm. 

*Contact us in regarding flexible timing and special delivery instructions. We will try our best to accommodate such requests but are unable to make guarantees. We seek your understanding in this matter. 


You may choose to collect your purchases at our kitchen collection point located at Thomson V Two B03-09 between 6pm – 7.30pm on Monday – Sunday.


• Please always ensure that there is always someone at the point of delivery to receive the package. We cannot leave our yogurts unattended. Ensure that yogurts are immediately put into the freezer upon receipt to enhance the freshness of our yogurts.When prepare to consume, take it out of the  freezer and wait for a 10 mins to defrost for best results.

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