Active Cleanse – 5 Days

Made for the active individual, the Active Cleanse contains high amounts of antioxidants, raw vitamins and minerals that will aid your body in repairing itself and enhancing sports performance. With an extra nutmylk, this cleanse will also provide you with the essential plant-based proteins that will help to power you through your day. This cleanse is perfect for both first-time cleansers as well as active individuals who want to cleanse and maintain an active lifestyle throughout their cleanse and will help them to achieve:

  • Enhanced Metabolism
  • Better Recovery
  • Increased Energy

Why we made this:

This cleanse is great for beginners and experienced cleansers alike, and it includes some of our most popular, delicious juices to make your juice cleanse experience smooth and easy. To help you stay satiated through the day, we have included an extra nutmylk.

6 x 500ml bottles/day

NOTE: Your cleanse will arrive the evening before you begin your cleanse. Juices must be consumed on the scheduled day for each cleanse. If your juices arrive on Sunday evening, you must consume Day 1 on MondayDay 2 on Tuesday, etc.

Click here to find out more about juice cleansing.


Supplement your experience with 3 or 6 bottles of our Cold-Pressed Kombucha (all different flavours!), a brilliant probiotic drink with enzymes and more. It tastes like a fizzy fruit tea with all the benefits of a health drink.

Active Cleanse


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