Nutri Cold Pressed Juice Pack

Want to try our cold pressed juices, but not ready for a full day cleanse yet?
Try our juice packs. The packs contain assorted juices for you to consume at your own pace!
There are no strict cleanse sequences to follow for these juice packs!

Nutmylk Protein Pack

Nutmylks are made by blending raw nuts and alkaline water, which are then strained to collect a fine milk. Flavoured with delicious SuperFoods like raw cacao, chia seeds and strawberries; combined with herbs like fenugreek and burdock root; every bottle of nutmylk is unique, delicious and nutritious.

Beauty Wellness Cold Pressed Juice Pack

A juice pack focused on healthier skin. With this many fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamins A and C, your skin will be supple and radiant in no time. This juice pack also helps to fight against heart disease and boosts immunity. Contains 4 new delicious and unique juices.

Weight Loss Cold Pressed Juice Pack

Focus on enhancing your liver function, which is primarily where fat is broken down. We have included potent fat-burning ingredients such as cayenne pepper, to increase your body temperature; dandelion, to enhance detoxification; beetroot, to cleanse your liver; and milk thistle, to strengthen your liver.

Sun Nutrients Green Juice Pack

Leafy green vegetables get their nutrients from the sun. The process of photosynthesis produces chlorophyll, which, when consumed, helps fight cancer, improves liver detoxification, speeds up wound healing, improves digestion and boosts weight control.

Detox Cold Pressed Juice Pack

This pack focuses on root vegetables as they contain many vital nutrients that can help to fight cancer, diabetes, obesity, and inflammatory-based disorders like heart disease and arthritis.

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