Life’s Crossroads X-factors

Being health conscious as a middle aged Singaporean is important to handle the day’s pile of responsibilities, as I, like many of my peers feel the full weight of losing the wolverine regenerative abilities of YOUTH.

Thank goodness for Antidote juices helping me through my mornings, just pop one to two bottles and I’m good to go for the day. All the healthy nutrients I need consumed within 3 mins during the mad rush. Now I can do all that I want without that sluggish lethargic feel from being poorly nourished.

Its true folks, 70-80% of how you look and feel comes from our diet~ and living in a food paradise does not help.Commercially prepared foods often use magic formula mixes of MSG, sugar, fat, for the wonderful flavours we all loveeee.

Healthy foods often have the stigma of tasting horrible. However, from my own personal research, tasty healthy food can be achieved through skill coupled with the freshness of ingredients, something that requires a far greater deal of ability and knowledge. Thats where the experts at Antidote come in to save my future days.

Antidote staff mix fresh healthy ingredients meticulously to achieve the best tasting juices, daily, with no long refrigeration process or preservatives. As a testament to their dedication, a carnivore like me, pleasantly surprised by Antidote’s tasty vegetable juices, converted to a more green diet.

With my life energized by Antidote, I no longer thought tasty and healthy were mutually exclusive, dieting and cleansing were no longer a chore. I would shamelessly advocate trying them out everywhere i go. Healthy with great taste thats easy to consume? I don’t think i need to say more 😀


– Mark.C

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