Why is juice good for you?

We are city people who lead busy lives.
Whenever we are hungry, we reach for food that is the easiest to get.
Convenient meals usually contain a limited amount of the type, quantity and quality of vegetables we may consume.
While we may be consuming sufficient calories every day, are we consuming enough nutrients?
If you experience aches, falling sick and fatigue frequently, most likely your body is craving for nourishment.
If you want everyday to be a good day; if you want to spend everyday healthy and strong, both in mind and body, vegetable nutrition is necessary.
Antidote wants to provide those vegetable nutrients you need for your body to help you achieve balanced eating habits.

Commitment To Quality

We commit to using organic or regional produce that are low in pesticide levels. We make sure to prepare your juices and nutmylks in a cold and clean environment to ensure minimum nutrient loss and oxidation. We calculate and mix your juices to precise measurements to ensure that you get the maximum amount of nutrition from each bottle.

Prevent Diseases

Getting sufficient nutrients prevents your body from developing diseases. When you consume healthy vegetable juices, especially after you complete your cleanse, your cells get sufficiently nourished, your body tends to renew its diet palette and automatically crave for healthier foods. This helps to eliminate processed foods that make you ill and include more food that make you strong, healthy, and happy.

Wholesome Nutrition

While many may argue that we can enhance our diets with supplements in pill form, it can never be compared with consuming nutrients of whole foods. Fruits and vegetables contains hundreds, thousands and maybe millions of nutrients that remain undiscovered. When consumed, all these unknown + known nutrients work together in synergy to make our body healthy. Consuming one or two lone nutrients simply does not work the same as eating/drinking whole and fresh produce.

Save The Environment & Public Health

When you eat healthier or spread awareness of the importance of consuming healthy food, it will increase the demand of healthy products in the market. This will increase the number of companies that sell sustainable and healthy products and decrease the number of companies that are unethical and sell unhealthy products. With an increase in healthy food products, people become healthier and will depend less on prescription medicines and other stimulants to stay healthy and alert.

Unleash The New You


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