Cleanse Pack

Energy Cleanse

A carefully crafted basic juice cleanse that introduces the full spectrum of the rainbow into your diet – it focuses primarily on detoxifying the liver and provides your cells with the nutrients they need. This basic cleanse is smooth, friendly and great for those who want an easy jump start towards a healthier lifestyle.

Skinny Cleanse

A light cleanse with low-calorie juices and ingredients that aid in burning fat and increasing your metabolism rate from within. Be prepared to feel skinny and light after consuming this cleanse containing potent fat-burning ingredients such as cayenne pepper, grapefruit and ginger root.

Body Balance Cleanse

A balanced cleanse that includes high quantities of plant-protein and other SuperFoods, such as almonds, beetroot, grapefruit and maca root, to enhance sports performance, endurance and fat-burning. Perfect for the active individual who wants to cleanse and work out on the same day.

Vitality Cleanse

Designed for a deep health overhaul, this advanced green juice cleanse is vegetable-based and consists of partially unsweetened juices that is genuinely delicious and nourishes your body. Enhanced with ingredients that aid detoxification, such as burdock root and turmeric, this cleanse can help to eliminate toxins and prevent diseases.

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