Our Services

We provide a wide variety of different services to bring our healthy beverages to your office or your corporate events ranging from:

  • Live Juicing Stations
  • Beverage Catering – 250/500ml options
  • Corporate Pantry Stocking – 250ml/500ml options
  • Events or Care/Gift Packages
  • OEM Beverage Services
  • Wholesale Juice for Hotels and F&B

We can cater to your delivery requirements, and can offer corporate rates for high volume orders.

Live Juicing

For a Fun, Fresh Experience

Give guests a healthy, hydrating beverage with our on-site stations where we’ll make fresh juices to order right on the spot. It’s perfect for corporate events, parties, weddings and other events.

Participants can mix and match between selected fruits and vegetables for a truly custom experience, making each drink their own.

Reach out to us with your requirements and we’ll provide a tasty, nutritious solution that fits your needs. Our live juicing stations are bound to leave a lasting impression!

We serve satisfied clients like W Hotel, Hilton, Odette and more!

Why Antidote?

We believe in providing everyone with easy access to health and wellness. Antidote Juice is a leading cold pressed juice brand that is dedicated to making delicious yet nutritious products. We believe in improving everyone’s well-being, which is why we’re dedicated to supporting your workplace wellness programmes.


Fresh Ingredients

Our juices are made fresh daily using the highest quality ingredients.


Cold Pressed

The cold pressed juice extraction process helps to retain key vitamins and and minerals lost during conventional juicing methods



Straight To You

We deliver directly to your office or event location, fuss-free, at your convenience.


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