Cold Pressed Juice Pack

Improve your nutrition, enhance your immune system and energize yourself with Antidote’s nutritious cold pressed juice packs.
Our juices are made locally with the freshest fruits and vegetables that your body craves; designed to supplement your daily diet. You won’t have to commit to a full-day cleanse.
These juice packs are designed to boost your nutrient intake, and each one is crafted with a specific purpose in mind. Have it with a meal, or for a meal. It’s up to you.

Green Cold Pressed Juice Pack

Start each morning with an invigorating green juice. It’s your first step to a healthy day. Each green juice is made with the freshest vegetables to fill your body with essential plant nutrients and chlorophyll. Choose from juices that aid digestion, strengthen immunity, and hydrate your skin.


Beauty Cold Pressed Juice Pack

Beauty Juice Pack

A juice pack for complexion perfection. With fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamins A and C, your skin will be supple and radiant in no time. The Beauty Pack also helps to fight against heart disease and boosts immunity. 

Weight Loss Cold Pressed Juice Pack

Weight Loss Pack

Focused on enhancing your liver’s ability to break fat down. We have included potent fat-burning ingredients such as cayenne pepper, to increase your body temperature; beetroot to cleanse your liver and enhance detoxification; and milk thistle, to strengthen your liver.

Immunity Cold Pressed Juice Pack

This Immunity Cold Pressed Juice pack contains high amounts of Vitamin A and C. Probiotics from our immunity tonic help to promote a healthy gut microbiome, responsible for excreting antibodies. Together, they work to strengthen your immune system to aid in the fight against viruses and bacteria.

Nutmylk Protein Pack

Nutmylk Pack

Flavoured with SuperFoods like raw cacao and chia seeds and combined with herbs like fenugreek and burdock root; every bottle is delicious and nutritious. Nutmylks are made by blending raw nuts and alkaline water, which are then strained to collect fine milk.

DIY Cold Pressed Juice Pack

DIY Juice Pack

Looking for a bit more flexibility, or know which juices you want already? You can now customise your own juice pack with this DIY option!

Interested in a juice detox program instead?

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