“I’m addicted to the nut milks. The Chocolate Liqueur is to-die-for! All the drinks taste great and really fill you up so that you don’t feel hungry at all and they are made with care and full of goodness with no hidden nasties. The 3-day active cleanse keeps up my energy and renews my motivation to make healthy decisions. Best of all, the Antidote team are incredibly helpful and go out of their way to fit into your schedule with deliveries and special needs. They really give you personal attention.”

Koko (health nut!)

“I found the entire experience with Antitode to be painless and easy. The Antitode team was super responsive and willing to accommodate Sunday night delivery which works really well for me. I found the juices to be very tasty and love the description about the benefits of each juice on the back of the bottle. I am 5 months postnatal and have been holding on to a lot of water weight since having a baby. The Master Cleanse gave me amazing results and really helped to give my body a reboot. I would definitely recommend Antitode to a friend, especially my postnatal mommy friends.”
Alicia, Account Executive

“It was my first time trying out a juice detox cleanse and the juices/nutmilks from Antidote are refreshing and great-tasting! I do feel a significant difference in my energy levels and feeling more alert throughout the day. I would try out the juices someday again and recommend the experience to my friends too!”

Daisy Koh, learning and development specialist

“I am a huge fan of Antidote. I love their cold-pressed juices not only because they help me to feed my body the nutrients it sorely needs, but also because the juices taste really good! (Trust me, I have tasted some really awful cold-pressed juices that taste like a mix between vegetables and drain water.) Antidote’s cold-pressed juices make me feel rejuvenated, healthy, and I always look forward to my next order.”

Rebecca Toh, photographer

“I tried the 5-Day Intermediate Cleanse in Feb 2017. When I first reach out via Whatsapp, I encountered Grace who was extremely helpful and patient to answer all my questions. Was basically sold at that point. The taste of the juices was so much better than I expected and very refreshing. During the cleansing period, I felt less sluggish and my smell sense was more sensitive, as if I just finished a long run. Most importantly, I felt great and lost some mass (about 2kg) after the 5-Day Cleanse. My wife is a new convert after seeing the results. We will both be starting a cleanse soon together. The proof is in the pudding they say and that’s what led me to go for the Master Cleanse!”
Marcel Dorett

“Enjoyed doing the antidote juice cleanse. The juices were tasty and filling, while still having all the right ingredients to do the heavy lifting on the detox. I am down 3.8kg in 5 days, and hope to keep it that way. Would highly recommend for anyone who wants to give themselves a wake-up call.”
Ramesh Kumar

“The juices are really delicious and easy to drink, as I thought it would be a little difficult when I first bought it. To my surprise, it was really really easy for my consumption! Antidote has become my trusted brand. … I’d definitely recommend Antidote to my friends, or rather, I already did! Continue being amazing in maintaining your juice standards!”
Joyce Chow, hotel frontline executive

“The juices are fantastic – I have been a customer for over a year and I love them – always taste fresh and the variety is very good. Customer service has also been top notch: very responsive and accomodating! I have recommended Antidote to my friends and will keep doing so!”

Yevgenia (Zhenia), Attorney

“I love the taste of the juices, especially the Coffee Cashew Milk. It is divine and makes me want more of it! The vegetable juices are so pure and refreshing. I was worried initially, not sure whether I could pull through a 3-Day Cleanse but was pleasantly surprised at how tasty and filling the juices can be. Just love it! Customer service has been awesome. Like the fact that Antidote is ever so responsive to my questions and requests. I must also thank Antidote for being very accommodative to my requests for chances in delivery dates and timings. Will definitely recommend to my family and friends! It would be great to have different juice flavours daily for the 3 to 5-Day Cleanse programmes. It would definitely make juice lovers like us look forward to the menu everyday!”
Yong Kar Yee, IT executive

“Pleasantly surprised to taste such rich produce. Felt full and happy with each bottle. Was able to dilute the juices 3 times at each go and still taste the herbs. Customer service was prompt and reliable. Would recommend Antidote to my friends. Looking forward to more flavours, for example, juices with Charcoal in it!”

Corinne Teo, church pastoral staff

“I think customer service is really good! Ever since I bought the rebuild cleanse, I really love the nut milks. Definitely will recommend you guys to my friends as the juices really helps me to detox and feel better. On top of that, really good service! Thank you for starting up Antidote where people can live healthier lives. 🙂 ”
Licia Tang, student

“Tasty juices, especially like the nutmilks (both delicious and filling). Good customer service. Helpful and always quick to reply. Would recommend Antidote to my friends!”

Jennifer Haden, banking

“I love Antidote’s juices! All of them are so tasty especially the nutmilk you get at drink at the end of every cleanse. Even the packaging is so nice. Customer service is great as well – Antidote replies quickly and I even manage to collect the juices the day after I placed an order. I would definitely recommend Antidote to my friends – they already said they want to order from Antidote in future!”

Elizabeth Tan, student

“I love how Antidote makes vegetable and fruit juices so tasty and refreshing, while nourishing my body. The nutmilks are definitely a must-try. All the juices are not too sweet and just right for my palate. Best of all, service is excellent and personal.”

Pauline Kong

“The Kefir water was great! It helps in digestion and tastes a little like champagne — how wonderful it is to indulge in the most healthy and organic way possible! Not many people might appreciate the fizzy-ness, including myself as I don’t drink carbonated drinks at all, but the nifty little bottles was just about right to make it enjoyable still. It’s a good supplement for people who often feel bloated after meals!”
Keoy Wan Hui

“I personally love juicing and am always trying different kinds of cold-pressed juices when possible. Ever since I chanced upon Antidote on Instagram, I was drawn to their nut milk series, they do have a variety of them. Tried once and I was hooked.. And now with their SuperFood flavours, I can’t stop ordering them!”

Ivy Lu

“I became very addicted to juices from literally the first day I tried them. Like for many others the first day was the toughest. On day two, I had a pulsating headache leaving me thinking how much toxins my body must have accumulated. By the same day in the afternoon I started feeling very energetic and light. By the end of Day 4 I could fit into my fav jeans and the weighing scale indicator moved to the left. I love the taste of juices and especially nut milk – drink it cold or pour over the ice – divine. And importantly, Antidote brings juicing to a new level – nutritionist, hotline, a blog with useful tips, very friendly delivery services, and a very personal approach by Venessa. I feel I am buying a whole lifestyle experience not just juices. I just bought the membership and would definitely recommend Antidote to my friends.”
Elena Chipalova

“As a yoga teacher and practitioner, I am always interested in resources to nourish my body, with the joy of enjoying the taste! I have tried cold-pressed juices from many brands, but they were not always very tasty even if they are nutritious. And I met Antidote. Wow, they really change my perspective!! So delicious! Now I replace my breakfast with their juices, and I lost 1 kg so easily, although my weight hasn’t changed for a few years! And not only for adults, I find them so great for kids too! My daughter loves their juices and nut milks!”


“Glad I did try out Antidote juices after all! Never expected the juices to taste so good and keep me full. It was worth the money as I have been trying to lose weight for years but was never successful! Lost 1.5kg in a week with their 1-week Weight Loss Plan and still maintaining after 2 months! I love Antidote juices!”

Doralin Ang

“Antidote was first introduced to me by my very good friend. When I first tried their juices, I just couldn’t believe my taste buds! I’m never a person who eats nor enjoys fresh fruits and vegetables, but I love how Antidote blends everything together so well, you could barely taste the bitterness of the green vegetables! And I must say, their Nutmilk range are to-die-for. I was pretty skeptical about it at first, but after one sip I knew one wasn’t just going to be enough. It was deliciously creamy and tasty. Plus point about it – it’s nutritious! After drinking Antidote juices, I felt like I’ve lost some water weight in my body. I felt lighter and healthier. It makes me want to opt for food that are more nutritious and cut down on junk food. So far, I’m loving all of their juices and it feels great to get a full body detox from the unhealthy lifestyle I’ve been living. Not just the juices, their customer service is excellent as well! They’re very friendly and extremely helpful.”
Shobi Pillai

“Antidote juices are life changing! They are healthy, tasty, refreshing and gives me energy. Not only are they good for detoxing, they are fantastic alternatives as snacks and whenever one needs hydration. I get hooked on my first juice with them, especially their nutmilk series. And did I mention the wonderful service Antidote provides? They are awesome and friendly! Keep up the good work, Antidote team!”

Lynn Koh

“Got to know about Antidote through a friend’s post on instagram. Have tried different brands of cold-pressed juice, I prefer theirs because the taste and the ingredients used are all to my liking. There are some food which I used to avoid but I simply love them being cold-pressed and pleasing to my tastebuds. I used to skip meals due to work and these juices will allow me to feed my body with nutrients and vitamins at my convenience. Having said the above, I have tried their full range of juices and all of them are my favourite! Besides the above, they have the most awesome customer service. It’s hard for me to choose 6 juices per week so they help me to choose my juices based on my needs!”
Carolyn Wee

“For someone like me that hardly consume vegetables and fruits. I have been wanting to try out juicing and stumbled upon Antidote website and with all the positive feedbacks, I decided to give it a shot. Since then, it has been an ongoing routine. For Monday, detox set and the rest of the week my ever favourite nutmilk as breakfast, followed by diet or superfood juices. I just can’t stop drinking Antidote! I feel more rejuvenated, my weight is in control and the juices made me realize the importance of eating clean and healthy!”

“I was never into healthy juices or vegetables, but Antidote managed to get me hooked. After having the first bottle, you will definitely crave for more!”

Steve Neo

“Looking forward to getting my next batch on juices this coming Monday. Been with Antidote for about a year already and I must say that their juices are yummy, refreshing and perfect after a session of hot yoga. Especially love the nutmilks for a cosy pre-bedtime drink!”
Audrey Cheong

“I bought the cleanse and detox juices and had them delivered and I am thrilled by the quality, effectiveness, variety and nutritional content of the juices. I cannot rate the products highly enough and the fact that they were delivered to me at my office makes my life simpler. I am a complete worshipper of the products that Antidote offers and have recommended the company and their products to all my friends!”
Lily Tan

“I have done several juice cleanses before and I must say, Antidote’s juice cleanse tastes the best! I did the Active Cleanse and the juices and nutmilks helped to sufficiently sustain me even though I was exercising. After the juice cleanse, I felt more energized and my system felt much cleaner.”
Alexia Kwan

“Chanced upon @antidote_sg random. I was never one of those who watch their diets or calories and decided to try their nutmilks out of curiousity and was initially doubtful on the taste of something ‘healthy’. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the great taste of the blends, and look forward to trying the next flavour each day! Their customer service is superb too – thumbs up on the whatsapp helpdesk idea… It makes the queries much more efficient and convenient for customers. Keep up the good job guys!”

Mah Si Ying

“Coming back from London a few days ago, Antidote is my cure to jet lag and a new refreshed body! Being pre-dominantly plant-based, this cleanse has helped me to listen to my body.”
JD Baoyue Cheong

“I am glad that my colleague introduced me to Antidote’s juices! Great tasting juices with all the nutrients you need in a day. Whenever I am on Antidote juice detox diet, it helps me to work out better at the gym and makes me feel healthier!”
Lorraine Tan

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