Our Story


We are Myron and Venessa.

We are a married couple living in Singapore. a small, sunny and busy island that many call the Garden City.

Life in Singapore can often be challenging. Every day, we work hard to keep our professional jobs to pay our bills and keep up with our busy social lives. Like many others, we tried really hard, but we sometimes found we had absolutely no time to take care of our personal well-being. We hardly had time to exercise and watch what we eat. We often felt tired, restless and small illnesses were slowly creeping up our bodies, like migraines, sinuses, fatigue, and more.

One day, tired of how we bad we chronically feel, we stumbled upon the idea of green juices and cleansing with fresh produce. It never occurred to us that human beings are built to feel good, and that we definitely deserve to feel that way. After we tried a couple of juice cleanses ourselves, we were hooked. It changed our lives. We discovered that juicing is a powerful and easy way for us to nourish our bodies and stay healthy and happy in the long run, and that was exactly what we needed, given our lack of time.

We started the ritual of having a breakfast juice every morning, and realized that it changed how we felt for the rest of the day. After feeling the benefits on our own, we knew in our hearts that this was something we wanted to share with the world.

Health is the foundation of all happiness, and without health, we will not be able to enjoy the truly good things in life – like money, travel and spending time with loved ones.

We want to help people build that foundation.

The reason we started Antidote was a really simple one. We wanted to change the world one person at a time; one juice at a time.

We commit to bringing the most delicious and nutritionally-balanced cold-pressed juices to you. We want to support you to be the best version of yourself; to live your best life; to shine, thrive and excel.

We want you to think of Antidote as the key to unlock all your potential.

Let your journey begin here.

With Love,
Myron and Venessa

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