Juice Pack Guide

Weight Loss Pack

How does Antidote’s Weight Loss Pack help you to lose weight?


The Weight Loss Pack is a meal replacement programme. Eating whole foods to lose weight is a favourable way for weight loss, however, it does not work well for everyone. Losing weight requires you to consume lesser calories than you burn everyday. Consuming nutritious, cold-pressed juices as your breakfast and lunch is an easy and convenient way for you to have a tight control over your calorie-intake, without all that calorie-counting.

This is suitable for you if you…

✓ want to lose stubborn weight that you have not been able to lose for years
✓ lack the motivation to go grocery shopping and prepare balanced meals
✓ constantly miss important meals due to lack of time
✓ gain weight easily when you exceed your calorie intake even by a little

How long should you replace your meals?

Replacing the bulk of your meals for 3 months, followed by substituting a green juice for a meal on most days will help you to sustain your weight loss.

Meal Plan


Breakfast: Rise and shine! Time for a bottle of fresh cold-pressed juice.

Mid-Morning: Curb your cravings for a morning coffee and unhealthy snacks with a handful (about 10 pieces) of raw nuts!

*Lunch: Replace your lunch with another bottle of nutritious cold-pressed juice.

Mid-Day: Grab a fruit to get your metabolism going – an apple, a banana, an avocado or a handful of strawberries will do the job.

*Dinner: 100-150g of lean meat (depending on your body weight) + 1/2 cup of cooked complex grain (quinoa, brown rice, soba noodles, etc) + 1 cup of vegetables gives you a nutritious and balanced meal.

*You may choose to use juices to replace either your lunch or dinner.

Skin Rejuvenation Pack

Recommended Foods


We recommend skin-loving foods to be eaten along with the juices all day long! Some examples of skin-loving foods: Avocadoes, strawberries, lemons, figs, blueberries, sweet potatoes and roasted tomatoes.

How does Antidote’s Skin Rejuvenation Pack improve your skin condition?


In this pack, we focus on antioxidants! Our bodies age because our cells accumulate free radical damage over time. Antioxidants are one of our first lines of defense – they neutralize and keep free radical levels in check. They are a crucial process of anti-aging and youthful-looking skin. Other than antioxidants, we also focus on SuperFoods for the skin like oranges, lemons, japanese cucumbers, coconuts, raw cacao and black sesame seeds to help you achieve a radiant glow.

How long do I need to consume them to see the effects?

We recommend a minimum of 2 weeks, drinking antioxidant-filled juices consistently to see a difference in your skin. Everything beautiful starts from within – start today!