We use the x1 GoodNature and the Norwalk hydraulic press to extract our juices. Both hydraulic presses involves a two step process. Step one involves slow grinding of fresh produce is very much similar to the human chewing action – it opens up cell walls and turns it into pulp. For step two, the pulp falls into a filter bag and the hydraulic press presses the pulp slowly and gently, completely extracting the natural vitamins, trace minerals, enzymes and flavours. This slow pressing process enables minimum mixing of air which results in minimum oxidation.

Home juicers, on the other hand, usually made of centrifugal or rotary blade juicer, are a much faster juicing method that generates heat. Heat oxidises and destroys nutrients. Even household slow juicers do not have the same juice consistency (texture and color)that our hydraulic presses produce.

Cold-pressed juicing is the only method of juicing that enables juices to be bottled without preservatives and still maintain a 3-5 day shelf life. Cold-pressed juices also maintain bright, deep colours which indicates that antioxidants and vitamins are still active and alive.

Our juices are all mixed to precision. We try our best to use the same type of fresh produce every single day. However, due to seasonal changes, we may sometimes have to use different types of fruits and vegetables. Additionally, even with the same proportions used, natural fruits and vegetables may vary in sweetness and color by itself.

It’s normal for juices to separate due to varying density of fruits and vegetables. As long as your juice is refrigerated at all times, before its expiry date, and does not taste foul or gassy, its is not spoilt. Give it a good shake and you can start drinking them again.

At first glance, our juices may seem pricey. We totally understand that. However, every bottle that we prepare for you contains approximately 1kg of fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables. All the washing, chopping, juicing, cleaning, filtering, mixing, bottling and labelling done behind the scenes also mean that each bottle can take up to 15-30 minutes for us to prepare. We do not dilute our juices ever; every bottle is 100% pure juice. In fact, by purchasing Antidote’s juices instead of making them yourself, you save the time to go down to your grocery store to buy fresh produce, the time to look for recipes of juices that are superior in taste and health benefits, and instead have a professional juicing team and Nutritionist to do that for you. You also save time on all the kitchen work and clean-up.

We use PETE-1 plastic bottles which are 100% recyclable. Plastic use considerably less energy to be recycled than glass. Plastic bottles are a much lighter option compared to glass, making it easier for us to transport and for you to bring around; which means less fuel is used to create and transport these bottles, lightening its carbon footprints.

Our juices and nutmilks are 100% plant-based and lactose-free.

Definitely. In fact, it’s a great way for your kids to consume more fruits and vegetables due to the tasty profile of our juices and nutmilks.

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