Cleanse Programmes

Which cleanse is best for you?

Beginner Cleanse
Beginner Cleanse

Carefully-crafted to introduce a full spectrum of rainbows into your diet palette, the Beginner Cleanse is great for those who are totally new to the concept of cleansing your system with raw nutrients. If you aren’t sure whether you could take too many vegetable-based juices, start with this easy, smooth & friendly cleanse.

Intermediate Cleanse

Intermediate Cleanse

If you have gotten yourself acquainted with juice cleanses, the Intermediate Cleanse is perfect for you to move your cleanse up a notch. The two bottles of vegetable juices before noon will set a solid foundation for you to shine and thrive for the rest of your day.

Advanced Cleanse

Advanced Cleanse

A genuinely delicious and nourishing vegetable cleanse, the Advanced Cleanse is nutritious and easy to take for those who wish to nourish their cells with potent greens and detoxifying ingredients.

Active Cleanse

Active Cleanse

Exquisite flavours to support your active lifestyle, the Active Cleanse delivers 42g of plant-based protein to your system every day, setting a great foundation for you to stay active, fuel your workouts and boost your metabolism rate.

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