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What our customers say

“The juices are fantastic – I have been a customer for over a year and I love them – always taste fresh and the variety is very good. Customer service has also been top notch: very responsive and accomodating! I have recommended Antidote to my friends and will keep doing so!”
Yevgenia (Zhenia), Attorney

“I was never into healthy juices or vegetables, but Antidote managed to get me hooked. After having the first bottle, you will definitely crave for more!”
Steve Neo

“I love how Antidote makes vegetable and fruit juices so tasty and refreshing, while nourishing my body. The nutmilks are definitely a must-try. All the juices are not too sweet and just right for my palate. Best of all, service is excellent and personal.”
Pauline Kong

“I think customer service is really good! Ever since I bought the rebuild cleanse, I really love the nut milks. Definitely will recommend you guys to my friends as the juices really helps me to detox and feel better. On top of that, really good service! Thank you for starting up Antidote where people can live healthier lives. 🙂 ”
Licia Tang, student

Why we started Antidote

Our Story

Like many others, we tried really hard, but we sometimes found we had absolutely no time to take care of our personal well-being. We hardly had time to exercise and watch what we eat. We often felt tired, restless and small illnesses were slowly creeping up our bodies, like migraines, sinuses, fatigue, and more.

One day, tired of how we bad we chronically feel, we stumbled upon the idea of green juices and cleansing with fresh produce. It never occurred to us that human beings are built to feel good, and that we definitely deserve to feel that way…

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